Advice For Restaurants

Why should you work hard to attract families and children to your restaurant? After all, they’re unpredictable, messy and can be disruptive to other guests.

..because happy, settled kids equals happy, settled parents.

Parents want to dine out.
Parents want their family to feel welcomed.
Parents are more likely to return to a venue if their child’s needs are met.

A few simple changes will be inviting for families to dine at your restaurant.

Find a way to entertain them!

Did you know most parents of young children requested that restaurants offer a small play area or activities at the table to entertain kids?

You don’t need to offer a playground on site, but if you do, consider it to be fenced with a view for parents.

Playground Image Credit: The Glasshouse Caulfield.

We know that space is premium.
But if you can spare a little nook in the corner and offer some well cared for toys…. you will be able to offer a stress free dining experience for families and your other guests.
You could also consider offering crayons and boardgames.

Offer more than crayons and parents will love you for it!

Other important features to consider:

Can parents manoeuvre a pram to their table? Can you easily set up a high chair at the table? Do you have more than 2 or 3 high chairs available?

Service and attitude.
Your values and service motto is most likely to offer prompt and attentive service.
Parents value this also.

Your attitude towards children matter. Acknowledge and welcome children. They’re your customer too.

Offer to serve kids meals immediately. Don’t assume that they want to eat and dash. Many parents will reward their children ice cream in exchange for good behaviour. Be prompt in attending to the table and you will find that if children are promptly served, they will less likely get bored.

Parents worry that their children will be messy or disruptive. The last thing they want to be is embarrassed and feel rushed to depart immediately. Don’t fuss over the small things, if there is a spill.

Some other tips.
Consider starting your dinner service at 5pm.
Consider investing in a baby change table: either permanently fixed or collapsible. Don’t forget the nappy disposal unit.

Think about what you CAN change! You can only work within the limits of the building.

Want us to help you be more kid friendly?

We offer our services to improve the in dining experience for families.

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