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My name is Kristy and I love any chance to get out for dinner. Being a mum of two wonderful young children makes it difficult. It’s a gamble taking the kids with you, but I’ve learnt tips along the way. Let me share them with you.

My daughter, Esther, and I.

Social media isn’t new to me. Unless you were a pug lover, you wouldn’t know me. I lived through my pugs. And they were an Insta hit. They had a following of 20k. 

My side gig was food blogging, in particular burgers. But my waist got bigger, bank account smaller and pregnancy aversions got worse.

Priorities do change after children. We have always been keen to get out for dinner, but find it difficult to find restaurants that are child friendly. Now that we are less housebound, I want my children to appreciate food and enjoy the time spent together as a family. I’m lucky to have a wonderful and supportive family of food enablers.

My husband, Matt and son, Theodore.


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