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We take the stress out of dining out with kids! Let us help you find the places that are kid friendly for dinner in Melbourne’s Bayside and South East.
Learn great tips to survive dining out with the kids, so that you don’t want to end up eating them!

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Our Favourite Venues

Some venues are better than others when it comes to family friendly offerings. We share our best finds with you.

The Best Kid Menus

Kid’s menus are not equal. Here are some of the healthier offerings and unique menus.

The Best Play Areas

It’s difficult to find places (other than pubs) who offer kids play areas. We’ve found them!

Kid’s Meal Promos

The three magical words. Kids eat free!
That’s not all! We have also collated a list of venues that offer free entertainment for the kids!

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How did this directory come to be? Find out more about us.

Advice Column!

Here are our most popular posts about having a stress free evening with the kids! From what to take and how to prepare. We have you covered!

Survival Bag Guide

8 Tips for Restaurants to Improve Kids Menus


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