Nostimo & Co

Location: Elsternwick

Cuisine: Burgers, Shakes, Fries

Kitchen hours:
Tues – Sun – 10.00am – Late

Price Range: $$

Kid’s Menu:
They have a kid’s pack available with a burger, fries and drink.

Adult Offerings:
A great range of traditional and crazy burgers, wraps, fries, shakes and loaded goodness.

See full menu.

Need to know:

Nostimo & Co bring to Elsternwick a sweet tooth’s heaven. If it can be twisted or loaded, they’ve done it! Some of their options aren’t for the fainthearted, but rest assured that their traditional offerings are also worth the trip. They’ve mixed sweet with savoury with burgers, by adding donuts or peanut butter. They do know how to serve up an amazing traditional burger or shake too.

Located on Glenhuntly Road, they are limited in space being a shop front. They have a four bench tables indoors and a couple tables outdoors. There is ample room for a pram, but no available high chair. The kids (and adults) will love this if you a treat is in order! We recommend heading before 6pm to get a table! Otherwise, Hopetown Gardens are close by (worth driving or a tram stop) to take away for the park. It’s worth checking out their Facebook or Instagram account to see what’s on the menu!

Our latest visit:

My son and I had a nice brunch together and decided to pop into Nostimo for a treat. I promised him a doughnut and Nostimo delivered! I’ve been following Nostimo on Facebook for quite sometime and it was about time that we gave it a try!

We were warmly greeted and the first thing that caught my eye were the doughnuts! They order them from The Oakleigh Doughnut Co, so I immediately knew the doughnuts are delicious. I wanted something a little fun and to make my little guy smile! So we opted for their Strawberry Cheesecake loaded doughnuts (known as Nostimo Snack Packs). They also had the options of Nutella loaded or Oreo loaded version snack packs.

Our Snack Pack contained two chopped Strawberry Cheesecake Doughnuts, honeycomb chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate syrup and chocolate wafers. My son’s face was in awe the moment it was delivered! He really enjoyed trying all the components and sharing it with me. There’s absolutely no way we would have finished all of this ourselves, so we took the rest home to share with my hubby that evening! We believe in eating occasional foods in moderation and my son knows this is an a treat food! He appreciates it even more and loved having fun with it! His favourite part were the wafers and the marshmallows. He didn’t even eat much of the doughnut in the end.

We enjoy how fun this place is and think that your kiddos too would love a special treat here. Much of their food can be shared. We know that they make a decent burger too, so they’re worth visiting for a full meal with a treat afterwards.

What they do well:

– They’re creative with their loaded and twisted food
– They make great burgers!
– The kids will love their sweets

Contact them direct:

Information correct at the time of posting. Please notify us of any incorrect information. We always recommend calling ahead to accommodate your needs and to confirm kitchen times.
Photo Credits: Kids for Dinner and Nostimo & Co

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