Banh Street

Location: Highett
Cuisine: Vietnamese

Mon – Sun – 11.00am – 9.00pm

Price Range: $

Kid’s Menu:
There is no specific Kid’s Menu. There are many options available to children on the main menu.

Adult Offerings:
Traditional Vietnamese Street food.
Starters, Banh Mi Sliders, Banh Bao, Rice Paper Rolls, Bun, Hu Tien Mi and dessert.

See full menu. (Available Soon. See our attached photos)

Need to know:

Banh Street bring the best from the streets of Saigon to Highett. They share their favourite family recipes with the local community and offer quick, fresh and delicious food. They specialise in Banh Mi Sliders, with 4 varieties on their menu. They recently opened in June and are Highett’s best kept secret and we’re sharing them with you! #SorryNotSorry. They are perfect to bring the kids because their service is about fast prompt food, which is perfect for the hungry ones. They offer a cozy dining room with bench seating, which might make bringing a pram in tough during a busy period.

In their short time of operation, they’re already a favourite for local families. They don’t have a kid’s menu, but they have plenty of exciting options for the fussy eaters to the experienced foodie. We would suggest spring rolls, bao, rice paper rolls or a banh mi for the kids as a starting point.

They also have By Garon Croissants every weekend. Banh Street are vegan and vegetarian friendly and will happily accommodate to dietary requirements. Check out their Facebook or Instagram account to check out their promos, such as happy hour or 10% off until the end of October. Show their post in order to qualify for the discount.

As they’re a smaller venue, we recommend calling ahead to reserve a table and high chair.

Our latest visit:

We were lucky to be invited in for an early dinner. Vietnamese street food is one of my favourite cuisines, so I was excited to try a mix of their food and introduce the kid’s to new flavours.

We arrived and were promptly welcomed by staff. Both staff members were very friendly and pleasant to deal with. Any questions we had were promptly referred to the kitchen to assist us with ordering. For the kids, we ordered a serving of vegetarian spring rolls , a chicken bao without butter for my daughter and grilled pork bao for my son. They came with picked carrot, cucumber, daikon, onion, mayonnaise and special sauce. The kids absolutely loved both of these dishes.

We also ordered a spread of food including; more baos, rice paper rolls, bun (salad noodles with spring rolls) , Banh Street Slaw & Crackers (with Chicken) and a Banh Mi Slider. The food was very prompt and it tasted very flavoursome and delicious. The food is definitely a great highlight of this venue and we love the presentation and plates. They have some healthy options and it’s a great way to introduce the kids to new foods.

We finished the evening with choc banana spring rolls with ice cream and a chocolate croissant made BY Garon. We absolutely loved everything we were served. Staff were pleasant throughout our whole visit. We can’t wait to return to try more on their menu and wish them genuine success, as we know it’s tough in those early months to get exposure.

What they do well:

– The food is delicious
– The staff are very lovely and accommodating to children
– Very prompt kitchen times

Contact them direct:


Information correct at the time of posting. Please notify us of any incorrect information. We always recommend calling ahead to accommodate your needs and to confirm kitchen times.
Photo Credits: Kids for Dinner and Banh Street

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