Spanish Bar

Location: Seaford
Cuisine: Spanish

Mon – Sun – 7.00am – Late
Price Range $$

Kid’s Menu:
Ham, Cheese & Tomato Sandwich, Chicken Nuggets with Spanish Chips, Pizza w/ Ham, Cheese and Tomato and Pancake with Nutella.

Adult Offerings:
Breakfast (Some of your favourites and some with Spanish twists), Long Tapas menu, Share Platters, Sides and desserts. They also have a great drinks menu.

See full menu.

Need to know:

Spanish Bar is located right on the creek with a great view of the local ducks! With the option to sit on the sidewalk, inside or their rear courtyard, the kids will be happy no matter where you sit. Inside the venue, are a few books, drawing and a few toys. If unoccupied, you may be able to sit on the sofa with the kids too. The sidewalk gives a great view of the ducks, but I wouldn’t recommend it for children who might wander off (as it’s right on the road). The rear courtyard is the reason we visited. They recently set up a little play area for the little ones.

This place can get busy fast, so we recommend calling ahead to book. They offer a very large range of Spanish Tapas to suit all tastes and what a way to better introduce your children to shared meals, than with tapas? They aren’t a very big place, so let them know if you have a pram to best accommodate you! Secondly, present inside on your arrival if you’re wanting to sit outside. The courtyard may not be attended because it’s located at the rear of the restaurant!

Our latest visit:

I’ve been eyeing this place out for a little while now and what motivated me to visit was a gorgeous sneak peak of glorious Melbourne sun and their new outdoor play area. I headed in for a quick bite to eat with the kids for lunch. I entered via the courtyard and was greeted by some of the other guests. The kids always attract attention! They told me to head inside to order.

I went inside and advised I’d love to sit in the rear courtyard, so they handed me a menu to order from. I also paid at this time. I know I can never go wrong with rice for the kids and decided to order a small Paella (with seafood, chorizo and chicken) and a serving of croquettes. I confirmed that the Paella was dairy free (as I suspected it would be, but I’m always cautious of butter being added to dishes).

I returned to the rear courtyard and by this point the table closest to the play area was vacant!  The courtyard is a great spot, with shaded areas! It’ll make a great spot while the sun goes down (with a couple of sangrias). I popped the kids in the play area and both of them were very keen to explore the toys. They had a great mix of toys to entertain the kids. They also have a play pen, but I could tell that my 14 month old was working out how to get out!

Service was immediate, providing me with water and glasses, along with cutlery for my table. The meals arrived promptly and both looked fantastic. The paella especially peaked my son’s interest with mussels, calamari and prawn! My son has expensive taste in food and seafood is one of his favourite things. He also enjoys Chorizo.
Both kids dug in and finished most of their plates. I thoroughly enjoyed both dishes! There was a great ambiance as other parents with babies arrived. Staff checked in with us after our meals arrived.

I’m not sure how the lighting is outside when it gets dark, so I recommend eating in the rear courtyard before it gets too late. The play area outside is a permanent set up! If you love tapas and Sangria, head on down with the kids!

What they do well:

– A couple of great offerings for kids, inside and out.
– Decent selection of Tapas
– Food was delicious

Contact them direct:

Spanish Bar

20 Station Street
Seaford, VIC

Information correct at the time of posting. Please notify us of any incorrect information. We always recommend calling ahead to accommodate your needs and to confirm kitchen times.
Photo Credits: Kids for Dinner and Spanish Bar

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