Mamma Francas – Pizza Hall

Location: Mordialloc
Cuisine: Italian

Wed – Sun – Midday – Late
Dinner from 5.30pm

Price Range: $$

Kids offerings: Pizza: Margherita, Salami, Cheese & Garlic or Mordi 
Not Pizza: Chicken Schnitzel or Calamari served with Chips or Spaghetti with Meatballs.
Adult Offerings: Traditional Italian grazing starters, Woodfired Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Sides and Desserts.

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Need to know:

Mamma Francas is bringing the best of Italian cuisine to your doorstep in Mordialloc. 

So Who is Mamma Francas exactly you ask? She is the mother of Marie, one of the owners, who immigrated from Sicily with her family in 1950. Growing up around great cooks (her Mother and own Grandmother), she took to it like a duck to water. Cooking for friends, family members and now having a restaurant named after her. It’s safe to say Mamma knows her stuff!

Mamma brings you the best of authentic Neapolitan pizza by Pizzaiola Head Chef Salim. All of his delicious pizzas are cooked in their wood fired brick oven and take 90 seconds to cook. When you’ve got hungry children, it’s a perfect choice for quick food. The flavours are fresh and authentic offering the best local and Italian ingredients. If you can’t decide, tell Mamma to offer you the feasting menu that offers you the best Chef’s selection from the menu.

We popped in recently to order takeaway and received a very warm welcome on our arrival. My son was offered some colouring for our quick drop in. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very welcoming for kids with a fantastic view of the woodfired oven. We loved the outdoor (covered) courtyard and it made us feel comfortable like at home. Both of the kids enjoyed the pizza and love eating with their hands.

They offer all the goods to make your family welcome, including high chairs and room for prams. We definitely recommend booking. Unfortunately, they can’t make your kids eat olives. I don’t mind, because it leaves more for me!

Contact them direct at:

Information correct at the time of posting. Please notify us of any incorrect information. We always recommend calling ahead to accommodate your needs and to confirm kitchen times.
Photo Credits: Mamma Francas and Kids For Dinner

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