Our Casa

Location: Hampton
Cuisine: Italian
Thurs – Sat – 7.00am to 10.00pm
Sun – Wed – 7.00am to 4.00pm
Price Range $$

Kid’s Menu: 
Night Menu: Spaghetti and meatballs, Chicken Nuggets, Fish and Chips. Ham and Cheese Toastie and Waffles with Gelati.
Adult’s Options: A great offering of mixed small plates to start with, burgers, pasta, and pizza. Don’t forget to leave room for Gelati!
See Menu

Why are they one of our favourite restaurants?

The owners are parents of young children themselves and they live by their name, which literally translates to “Our Home”. Each letter of Casa represents each member of Alex’s family. They’re more than just sharing their home. They believe dining should be about coming together as a community.

They offer quality Italian food with an all day kitchen on most days til late, but also the option to dine indoors or out. They even welcome your furry children when dining outside.

Our Casa go out of their way to make dining with children a relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable experience. They are very family friendly by offering a spacious dining experience and catering to children. They offer a range of activities for children to choose from, such as colouring, puzzles, books and games. They offer a separate kids menu and a gelato cart.

This one is in our calendar to visit! This restaurant is loved by the locals and it’s easy to see why.

Organic Gelato. YUM!

Need to know:
Spacious for prams, high chairs available, baby changing facilities, a variety of activities for children to enjoy, separate kids menu, cutlery for kids, gelato cart offering a range of organic gelato.

They offer a Friday night special for Pizza and Saturday $9 Cocktail special from 12pm.

They will cater for dietary requirements and offer takeaway or delivery by 3rd party delivery services. They also offer all day brunch and plenty of options for lunch. Contact them for your next event for catering or have them host your next function.

Our Visit – Added 1/9/19

This was the most obvious choice when deciding on a venue to eat on Father’s Day with my family. What a better way to test a venue’s hospitality towards children than on one of the most popular days!! We dined for lunch and when we arrived, the table was set with colouring books, pencils and a wooden puzzle in a pencil case. A very special touch to include some very popular colouring/activity books, such as Secret Life of Pets (that I’ve now seen about 100 times thanks to my son’s little obsession). Esther especially loved putting the puzzles in and out of the pencil case and it was rather amusing to her every time I had to pick one up off the floor.

All four of us were welcomed and acknowledged by all staff.  Alex spent time discussing and answering questions about the menu to help us decide what to order and he was thorough in making sure our “no dairy” requirement was clear for Esther’s meal. No request was difficult, even during a very busy time. We ordered two kids meals, because Esther can actually eat more than Teddy, which were the eggs and bacon and spaghetti bolognese. We ordered these together with pumpkin arancini served with salad to share as a starter between my husband and I. All 3 meals arrived promptly, including extra plates to help with sharing of meals. It surprises me that venues rarely offer side plates when they know meals are being shared! This just proves to me that their service and attentiveness is fine tuned!

As the pictures show, a 14 month old child can really enjoy messy eating and this did not bother them at all! We only receive positive comments towards how much she was enjoying her meal. My job as a taste tester can absolutely confirm that the kids meals we received were delicious! But toddlers and preschoolers being the most fussiest are the biggest critics to please. Teddy really enjoyed his meal, some of the spaghetti bolognese and even requested more arancini that we offered to him.

I ordered the Mediterranean salad with grilled chicken and my husband ordered the Prawn and Chorizo spaghetti which had a delicious warm hit of chilli. Both of our meals were promptly served after we finished our shared entree. The sizing of all the meals were very generous and extremely yummy. We were approached multiple times to ensure everything was satisfactory. 

The highlight for my son was the organic gelati bar and let’s face it, we all love gelati too. They offered taste testing to help you decide from their great range. It was a great finish to our wonderful experience dining at Our Casa. The service we received was very accommodating towards families and the food was beautifully presented and equally delicious. Given we put them to the test during a busy time, we are absolutely impressed that they more than exceeded our expectations. 

What they do well :

– Their attitude about being family friendly is important to them
– Activities for kids and all the fine details to make dining with kids easier
– Delicious food that appeals to mostly everyone’s tastes.

This review is no way sponsored by Our Casa and is based on our first hand experience dining with our family.

Contact them direct at:

Information correct at the time of posting. Please notify us of any incorrect information. We always recommend calling ahead to accommodate your needs and to confirm kitchen times.
Photo Credits: Our Casa and Kids For Dinner

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