We Have Moved

Kids For Dinner aim to support our struggling hospitality industry. We are collating on a daily basis all venues that are open and need support. With the recent need to close dine-in options, their livelihood depends on the local community to support them with purchasing takeaway and/or ordering delivery.

It’s important that where possible, you deal directly with the venue, so that they maximise profit, on already low margins. Restaurants and cafes are also offering frozen meals and pre-made meals. Please consider them before opening the freezer at your supermarket. You’ll find these meals far more delicious too! Some are even offering staples for your convenience.

Many venues offer takeaway options, including curbside or drive through. Many, which are contactless too (such as preordering and paying in advance).

We aim to be a central place so that you can support your local. Please consider other small businesses outside hospitality.